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Kids & Martial Arts 2: High-energy Kids

We have lots of energetic kids in our team and our Sensei are skilled at teaching them to develop focus and follow-through. If your child wants to train we'll help you to keep them interested after the first enthusiasm wanes. We all experience ups and downs with our interests - and kids are no different.

Martial arts supports high-energy kids to:

1) Get used to a routine, rules and practise listening to the Sensei

2) Get out their HUGE energy & learn to focus it

3) Make new friends & learn to work with a partner

4) Learn to focus, learn to learn. By developing focus in something they love - they take that skill & improve at school and at home.

All you need to do is:

1) Have uniform, water & thongs ready to go so you can herd your high energy child to class on time.

2) Trust the Sensei to put a stop to high energy behaviour if it's a problem, resist the urge to discipline their behaviour once they're on the mat - don't worry we've seen it all and we'll let you know if they need to take a break to settle down. 🙂

3) Help them to commit to training by sticking to your training routine no matter what - whether you can make 2 or more classes a week - stick to it so they know it's just what happens.

4) Gently remind them that they might not want to go to every class but after class they'll feel better. That's how you become a superhero - showing up & trying no matter what. And that even our Senseis have their hard days too!

5) Praise their effort and commitment - "Wow that was hard work - look at you go! You're so brave!" Martial arts is a journey - if you need help or advice, let us know -we're here to help. Good luck!

Remember, we've always got time to have a chat to help you support your children every step of the way of their martial arts journey. Just ask us, give Diego a ring or send us an email

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