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COVID-19 Announcement -Gym to reopen Monday 15th June 2020 with restrictions

Dear Grappling Bros family,

We will be reopening Monday 15th June 2020 with an amended timetable (see below) and some additional rules & restrictions.

We have removed some classes and added some additional classes and will adjust as necessary until we can return to our usual timetable (hopefully very soon!). Please note that we have some unusual start and finish times so please take note. 

Our classes will be BJJ solo drills & conditioning and will last for 40 minutes. There will be 10 minutes between each class to allow students to leave, mats to be cleaned and the next class to arrive.

All students will initially be limited to 2 classes per week and will be required to book in advance for their classes via the website. We will monitor and adjust as necessary. Classes will be limited to 20 people per class (excluding the instructor/s) and we must adhere to the 4 square metre per person rule inside the gym.

To book your classes for this week (we will initially take bookings for the first week only to assess the process):

2. Select 'Free Trial & Class Bookings' from the title bar

3. Select the appropriate class level

4. Click on the 'Book Now' button

5. Click the Date & Time of the required class (limit of 2 classes per week)

6. Click on the 'Next' button

7. Fill in your details, select the number of participants (limited to 2 for adult's classes & 3 for kid's classes). Please enter all attendees names in the 'Additional Info' section if you are booking for multiple participants or if you are booking on behalf of somebody else.

8. Click on the 'Book It' button

Some additional rules & restrictions will apply as follows:

1. Hand sanitiser will be available upon entry to the gym and should be used by each person entering the gym.

2. Each person entering the gym must complete and sign the attendance register at the front desk (parents/guardians please complete on behalf of your children).

3. Parents/Guardians are welcome to watch their children train but must adhere to the social distancing rules as set down by the NSW Government. In the unlikely event that we have too many people inside the gym, you may be asked to wait outside.

4. Students should change prior to arrival at the gym where possible.

5. Students should adhere to all our usual hygiene requirements in particular wearing a clean gi and footwear at all times when not on the mats.

6. There will be a 10 minute break between classes. Please refrain from entering the gym and waiting inside for the next class to finish. Instead, please wait outside until the previous class has left the gym.

7. After class, please retrieve your belongings and exit the premises as quickly as possible. No hanging around and chatting after class unfortunately.

8. Please ensure you adhere to social distancing rules when greeting your friends and training partners.

9. We recommend you download the COVIDSafe App and have it switched on when you attend the gym. 10. Please refrain from using the bathrooms unless absolutely necessary.

11. Please bring your own pre-filled water bottle (to avoid using the kitchen/bathroom) & a towel. Also feel free to bring your own grappling dummy if you have one.

12. The front door will be left open (weather dependent).

13. The air conditioning will remain off at all times.

14. And last but not least, IF YOU ARE SICK DO NOT TRAIN!

We can't wait to see you all on the mats!!

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