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We are ready to go!

A couple more quick updates:

  • Class numbers have increased to 20 participants plus instructor/s following recent advice from the NSW Government (as long as the 4 square metre per person rule is adhered to). We have plenty of space in our gym so fortunately we can increase to the maximum allowed. The website has been updated to cater for this in our booking system.

  • Due to the above we are now able to remove our 2 classes per week per person limit so feel free to book into as many as you like!

  • With the increase in class numbers we will reduce the number of adult's classes back down to 2 per day from next week (commencing Monday 22 June 2020). Classes will continue to run for a shorter period of time whilst we are only doing solo drills and we need to maintain a gap between classes to clean the mats. See timetables for both Weeks 1 & 2 below.

  • Week 2 classes available for online booking NOW!

  • Please bring a towel with you to training as well to minimise sweat transferred to the mats and don't forget your pre-filled water bottle. Also if you have a grappling dummy and want to bring it please do but it's not necessary.

  • Please follow all directions given by our instructors at all times to help keep our gym safe.

See you back on the mats!

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